Fun Pre-School Crafts For Story Time

For small children, projects and crafts can leave a wonderful impact. By helping the story come to life, craft projects, for younger kids, can make their storytime more fun. Learning stories and subjects is much easier for children who participate in story related crafts. A great way to encourage participation among all students to have preschool crafts for storytime.

After reading a story, have the children draw scenes from the book. Asking younger kids to visualize part of a story and draw it out is a great way to help them remember and learn it. With their teacher’s assistance, they can put on paper how they imagined certain parts of the story and its characters to look.

Making puppets that are based on the likeness of the main characters is another great storytime craft. For preschool aged kids, making the puppets is a great hands on project for them. First read the children the story and then make puppets with them based on how they imagine the characters to look or use a picture from the book. Since it’s not too messy and safe, making paper bag puppets is optimum for younger children.

While the children are being read the story again, they can use their newly constructed puppets to help act it out. This exercise is an easy method of getting them excited over participating in books and stories. It’s also a very easy way to keep them from losing focus during the storytime.

Coloring and drawing are both great ways to help kids learn something new as well. Coloring pages about animals they are learning will help them retain information. It is also a creative way to challenge their motor skills.

For most children, storytime is an anticipated activity, while other kids may have more difficulty paying attention. Projects relating to the story is an easy way to make sure everyone is engaged. It is also a unique and creative lesson.