Giving Arts and Crafts For Kids as Gifts

Choosing birthday and Christmas gifts for children can sometimes be a real challenge. Clothes are a nice choice but most kids don’t appreciate them, plus there’s the issue of knowing the right size and picking an acceptable style. With toys and books, you have to worry about duplicates or picking something that interests the child. For all these reasons, arts and crafts for kids can be a great alternative. Below are some considerations to keep in mind.

Knowing the Age

Obviously, you want any gift you give a child to be age appropriate. You definitely want to make sure of that when you’re buying arts and crafts for kids. However, if the product isn’t listed there are some clues to look for that might mean it is inappropriate.

For example, if the arts and crafts for kids have a lot of small pieces then you wouldn’t want to put it in the hands of small children. You might also want to check for anything that could be toxic. Most art supplies for children are made with non-toxic materials but it’s always better to be safe instead of sorry so check those labels.


Another question you may have is where to find these items. There will be a selection of them at almost any store but if you want a big selection with the most choices your best bet is to browse online at a store specializing in items for children. You could also go to a brick and mortar crafts store but the prices are going to be a bit higher and you may not find many things for young children that are truly examples of arts and crafts for kids.

When you’re shopping online, you can always drop the company an email or give them a call (most have toll-free numbers) if you have questions about the right age for an item. Some offer free shipping and even free gift wrapping, too.

Children Preferences

When giving arts and crafts for kids as a gift, you’ll also want to think about the preferences of the child. With lacing cards at Smalltime Child, for example, you can choose between three types of pictures: insects, vehicles, and pets. You want to think carefully about the best choice for the gift receiver.

The same is true with almost any arts and crafts for kids you choose. One exception might be a sketchbook and some colored pencils. A nice idea is to purchase the colored pencils in a matching tin so the child also has a convenient place to store them after being creative.

Parents Preferences

Even though this gift of arts and crafts for kids is for the children, the parents should play a small role in your decision making process. For example, some parents may prefer colored pencils over water color paints or oil pastels because they are less likely to make a mess. Think about these factors when you’re choosing arts and crafts for kids as gifts.