Have fun making snowman duct tape crafts with your kids this winter

Gone are the times when the only use of duct tapes was to hold things together. Now, they’re pretty much used in every field, and with the advent of patterned and colored duct tapes, kids are having the time of their lives by making duct tape crafts.
In winter especially, snowman duct tape is more popular than the other patterns. These snowmen printed duct tapes have little snow men printed on them with a blue background that gives us the illusion of the sky. Along with little snowflakes, it portrays the image of a beautiful snowy day. Little boys and girls would love working with these little printed snowmen. It’s like bringing the snow and all its wonders right inside your home, only without your kids getting cold.
You can make a lot of useful items with the snowmen duct tape, while making the whole process fun for your children. I’ve mentioned just some of those items:
1. Cups: The snowman duct tape is water resistant. This makes it the perfect candidate to be used for making snowman cups and glasses without water ruining the covering. Your children can cover their favorite cups and glasses with layers of the snowman duct tape. These cups also be gifted to their little friends.
2. Purse: I’m sure your little girl loves beautiful purses. Why don’t you make them a cute purse with our snowmen printed duct tape? Better yet, why don’t you help them make it themselves, so they can boast about it to their friends when school reopens? Because of the snowmen duct tape’s strength and adhesive properties, it won’t tear easily, and hence would make a great purse. Your girl would be the envy of all her friends.
3. Pencils: Make school fun for your children by making them custom pencils with the snowmen printed duct tape. Your children would not drag their feet to school anymore because now they can write with their cool snowman pencils.
4. Decorate their room: Little kids love decorating their room with their favorite things, and we all know snowman is every kids’ favorite. You and your kid can use the snowman duct tape to decorate your kid’s pillow and blankets. They’ll be eager to keep their sheets clean now that it has little snow men printed on it. You could also use the snowmen duct tape to make decorate your kid’s walls.
5. Bows: Duct tapes can be used to create great looking bows. What better than snowman bows to mark the arrival of winter? So, get some snowmen printed duct tape and start making cute looking bows with your little girl; she’d love it.
6. Boots: Your kids are probably not too thrilled about having to wear boots every time they go out. But, what if they get to wear snowman boots that they made by themselves with their snowmen duct tape? Well, be assured that they’ll change their mind about their boots in a flash. Again, since the duct tape is water resistant, you can’t find a more perfect material to cover your kids’ boots.
So, that concludes the article, but in no means the hundreds of ways in which the snowman duct tape can be used to entertain your kids. Find out new ways to use it this winter, and have a blast with your kids.