Kids Crafts for Fun and Learning

Creativity and motor skills can go hand in hand with kids crafts. Not only are these activities heaps of fun for everyone, they also teach great skills. There are loads of amazing crafts to choose from and you should be able to find all sorts of new activities which will be enjoyed by you and your child. You may even be able to find time to sit and enjoy a cup of tea while you watch your child work on mastering their new craft.

Some of the amazing kids crafts that you are able to choose from include:



Crochet kits





Some of the skills that can be learnt through using these affordable and collectable kits are motor skills, patience, imagination and creativity and hand eye coordination. All of these skills are essential to help your child learn and progress, and can help with progression in schools even complimenting their education through play.

Get Painting and have Fun!

Most children love to see their creations develop and find painting and drawing to be a fun pass time. You can find loads of great kits to help inspire your child to put pen to paper. Choose bright colours and don’t be afraid of getting messy with washable poster paints and finger paints. Remember to buy a washable apron some great chunky paint brushes perfect for small hands, and of course you’ll want plenty of paper too.

Fingers love to be messy so modelling clay is also a great alternative to paints. You can buy kits and single packs of clay as well as fun shapes to use and create fun characters and scenes. Choose your materials based in the age of your child along with the skills you are trying to promote. If your child is finding it difficult to master their knife and fork consider beading, knitting and crochet kits to promote good motor skills.

With so much to gain from craft kits they make excellent presents on birthdays and special occasions. Thanks to how affordable the kits are you can also add to kits over the year and continue to enjoy watching your child learn and create great projects together.