Six Essential Must-Have Materials for Fun Halloween Crafts

Fun Halloween crafts just aren’t so fun to make if you don’t have the right materials for them. Before you get right down to craft making, make sure you have a complete list of what you need. Here are six essential materials for all sorts of fun Halloween crafts.

Paint and Colors

In order to give color and life to your scary figures, you will need some paint, markers and some coloring materials. Not every kind of paint however comes cheap or has the same coloring effects. For fun Halloween crafts, poster paint and acrylic can provide solid colors especially for medium sized craft items. You can however, just settle for plain watercolor diluted with only very little water if you are simply going to paint egg cartons or small details on paper. Make sure you also have a full set of cheap brushes for wide areas or detailed painting of fun Halloween crafts.


Depending on your creativity, you can use all sorts of paper for different kinds of fun Halloween crafts. Construction paper however seems to be one of the most recommended paper products. It doesn’t have a very glossy surface like colored paper and won’t appear cheap when used as decoration. It is also not as expensive as velvet paper or other specialty papers. It’s full but somewhat subdued color will look perfect on your wall.

You can also use crepe paper for fun Halloween crafts. Crepe can be used on costumes or as billowing Halloween streamers and stand alone hanging loops and strips.

Yarn, Raffia and Ribbons, Anyone?

You’ll need all sorts of strips for fun Halloween crafts. Paper heads would look scarily perfect with plain raffia or yarn for hair. Scary streamers or fun Halloween crafts to hang like ghosts, shriveled heads, black cats, witches, vampires and more would look extra nice with colored ribbons or yarn around their necks.


Using ordinary paste or glue still works best for fun Halloween crafts on plain flat paper. You would probably do better though with glue from glue gun if you need to stick things on hanging decorations. Glue sticks definitely win out on durability. If you need to stick things on your wall but don’t want to ruin the paint, you can use masking tape to prevent peeling.

Using colored glue would be great when you need to use adhesive material for fun Halloween crafts. This isn’t for you to use to stick things with. Colored glue especially the glow in the dark type would look perfect to draw scary figures with on dark paper.

Cutting Tools

Get those cutters and scissors out when making your fun Halloween crafts. Just don’t forget to supervise kids when they use such tools. Scissors with decorative blades though would also be great additions to your set of craft materials.


Using recycled materials are a great way to save on craft projects. Old pieces of cloth, unpaired socks, paper plates, plastic spoons, old milk containers and many more can be used for Halloween decorations. You just have to let your imagination loose to find some Halloween use for some old junk items.